"You have always been an inspiration to me. You never failed to see each student's potential as he or she struggled to grow. It was your positive energy that changed lives."


For over 35 years Art Friedman has been working with adolescents. This has included classroom teaching, working as an administrator and supervisor, creating and directing an alternative school program and consulting for The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Each experience has added to a wealth of skills and a vast knowledge base about remediation of learning differences and accommodations designed to address emotional adjustment concerns.  

As an instructor, Art taught a variety of subjects ranging from remedial reading and math to philosophy and ethics.  Much of the past 30 plus years have been devoted to the development of The Mill Creek School, a therapeutic day school affiliated with the Behavioral Health department of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Under Art's guidance, Mill Creek developed a reputation for excellence throughout the Delaware Valley. This unique setting was designed to accommodate students with severe anxiety and mood disorders, while providing a flexible academic curriculum allowing students to remain


on target to fulfill their academic potential. Many of the students also were diagnosed with significant learning differences requiring personalized instruction to insure successful outcomes . 

As the Director of Mill Creek, Art was able to guide families through the complex steps in the process of identifying the appropriate school setting, working with their local school district (if appropriate) and creating a well thought out treatment approach. An in-depth understanding of the school-based issues in conjunction with the clinical perspective about emotional and learning concerns was instrumental in meeting students’ needs. 

Moving through adolescence can be difficult enough without the added challenges of learning, emotional and social difficulties. With Art’s assistance, many families and students have been able to navigate the difficult waters of this journey to rediscover their way. The ability to support parents throughout the process has been a key element in many successful outcomes.



  •  Anxiety Disorders-School phobia/avoidance                       

  • Mood Disorders-how they impact learning

  • Programming for Executive Function disorders

  • ADHD coaching

  • Instructional strategies for students with LD or ADHD

  • Identifying & articulating appropriate accommodations & strategies
    for students with learning and/or emotional concerns

  • Individualizing curriculum

  • Creating plans to accommodate emotional support needs

  • Conflict resolution between families and school districts

  • Interviewing and evaluating adolescents

  • Legal compliance

  • Educating school staff about psychiatric concerns

  • Developing functional IEP goals




TrueNorth consultants provide support, guidance and coaching to help you select the appropriate program for your child. 


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