Our mission is to offer options that will enable students to rediscover their sense of well-being so they can go on to fulfill their potential, a commitment that extends to family members as well.

Here's how we can help:

  • Assessing your child’s needs and strengths, along with their academic, emotional and social situation.
  • Conducting a full inventory of the current educational and clinical services to create a profile designed to identify the most pressing needs.
  • Coaching, guidance and advocacy for families faced with crisis situations.
  • Recommending school programs and placements that offer the appropriate support services.
  • Closely monitoring progress throughout the placement. 
  • Offering options that lead to self awareness, self advocacy and independence.


We are here to assist families with the search for options that will enable their child to thrive and find a renewed sense of hopefulness.


TrueNorth consultants provide support, guidance and coaching to help you select the appropriate program for your child.


We hope these links offer some information that will be useful in your search for the right program for your child.