Our Services

Maintain The Current Setting:

If the goal is to keep your child in the current school setting, we can review all testing materials, interview any professionals involved in your child's life, and craft a plan designed to move things in a better direction. If there is a need for further testing, we can refer you to skilled professionals or assist with having your local school district complete an evaluation. We can help you interpret test results and understand how to best address the findings. 

The IEP process and 504 plans can be complex and confusing and many parents are unsure about services offered or to which they are entitled. We can simplify things and help you get the supports and accommodations your child needs to be more successful.

Find an Independent/Specialized Day School:

For some students, the goal will be to find an appropriate school setting to meet their needs in an environment where they can rediscover their sense of competence. When a "traditional" school program just isn't a good fit, we can help you locate settings that will provide your child with the necessary academic accommodations, while also offering a social environment that will allow for personal growth.

Placement Outside of the Home: Therapeutic or Special Needs Settings:

If you’re facing a crisis, we will assist you with finding an immediate placement and help with the important step of locating a follow up setting to make sure there is a smooth transition. This might include a hospital based program, a wilderness program, a residential treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school.

These are emotionally taxing decisions for families and we can guide you to make an informed choice.

Transitional Programs for Young Adults:

For young adults who have struggled with school or personal issues the transition process can be complex. Many families have come to understand their child can accomplish much of what they've dreamed of doing, but there may be a need to adjust the timeline. This can be a difficult shift in thinking, but it is a necessary step when formulating plans. The traditional model of 4 years in high school followed by 4 years of college often needs to be set aside. There are many options for young adults who are likely to need more supports along the way.